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Make Your Pharmacy Experience Easy with Medmate

Jul 14, 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen how dangerous and life-threatening it is to go out, especially for immunocompromised people. You can't go out quickly since the virus can easily spread. So to make it easier for you, online food deliveries and shopping are becoming more convenient. But how about medicines? What if you need medications constantly and can't go to a pharmacy to have them filled? Thankfully, e-pharmacies are here, such as Medmate. You can get your prescriptions filled without the inconvenience of getting in line. At the same time, you remain COVID-free!

 Medmate is one of the leading online pharmacies in Australia, which allows you to upload electronic prescriptions to shop online. Plus, it's developed by doctors to make their patients' life more manageable. Are you wondering what are some of its benefits? Don't worry because we will give you the top three right here! So read on below.

A Simple Ordering Process

If you haven't used an online pharmacy before, don't worry because it has the same mechanics as when you're ordering food online. However, you must first upload your electronic prescriptions for medicines that are not available over the counter. Once done, you can fill your scripts, and Medmate will immediately deliver your medicines to your doorstep. So there's no need to fall in line at a pharmacy and risk catching the virus. But if you don't have a prescription, don't worry because Medmate lets you get an online one for only $20!

Instant Prescription in Just a Few Minutes

As mentioned above, Medmate offers instant online prescriptions for just $20. Some medications require a prescription before you can buy them, and Medmate makes it easier for you if you ever don't have an electronic prescription on you. All you have to do is to fill out a form, and a Medmate doctor will review and issue your script. The available medication categories they have are acne, asthma, birth control, blood pressure & heart, diabetes, cholesterol, mental health, heartburn, erectile dysfunction, and more. But if your script isn't in the categories mentioned, you can book a telehealth appointment with them.

Over 1000 Pharmacies Available

You can get your scripts filled instantly with just a click of a button. There are over 1,000 pharmacies that Medmate carries, and all you need is an electronic prescription to start. It's like ordering your favourite take-out food! Within 60 minutes, you can have your pharmacy essentials and medicines delivered. You can start ordering any of your essentials and medications at home. Furthermore, start browsing from over 1,000 pharmacies across Australia. Lastly, you can choose the express delivery, which only takes 60 minutes. You can also collect your medicine if you choose to pick it up.

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