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How to Write Effective Literature Review in 4 Steps: A Quick Overview

Jun 22, 2022

Write Effective Literature Review

A Literature Review is the second chapter of your dissertation writing. In simple terms, we can say that a Literature Review is a survey of scholarly sources on a specific topic. With the help of the literature review, students provide the reader with current knowledge that identifies the relevant theories, methods and gaps in the existing research. So are you confused and thinking about where to start writing it? Or thinking of taking online dissertation help for your master’s degree. In this scenario, you are not alone. Here those four steps are covered that help create an effective literature review. Consider the following pointers and start writing your literature review.

4 Tips for Writing a Great Literature Review:


1. Look for Relevant Literature

Once you start looking for the literature, make sure you focus on the clearly defined topic. For this reason, if you are writing the literature review section of the dissertation, then you have to search for the topics related to the research objectives and questions. In this section, students must provide relevant information and collect research data and questions.


2. Assess and Do In-Depth Research

While conducting the research, students must ensure that the sources they use are relevant and reliable. The whole scope and data of the review will depend on the topic and discipline. Some students are unable to complete their literature review independently and take dissertation help online.


3. Identification of the Theme

For better organisation of the literature review arguments, debate and structure, students need to understand the connections and the whole relationship between the sources they’ve read. If you are going to identify the themes, you can look for the upcoming trends, debates and conflicts.


4. Outline and Write a Literature Review

When writing a literature review, a writer can follow a different approach. Before you begin drafting, you should have a rough idea of how the entire structure will look. Once you are done outlining your literature review, make sure to write it around the topic. Like any other writing piece, it should have an introduction, main body and conclusion.


The above-stated pointers will help students in writing the literature review. But there are many students who are confused about how long the write-up must be.


How Long Should a Literature Review Be?

A literature review does not have to be a certain length. The length of your paper is mostly determined by your field of study and the degree being pursued. The majority of literature reviews are between 40 and 60 pages long.


If you are writing a literature review for a dissertation, then reinstate how your research addresses the gap and helps to contribute to the new knowledge. How is the discussion conducted on the researched theories? It will automatically lead the whole section to the methodology section. If you are unable to grasp the concepts and are not capable to complete the write-up, then get dissertation help online. As a result, it is regarded as one of the best competent methods for completion of the writing part.


  1. All of these guidelines are the best and can help to write effective literature review. However, hiring a dissertation writing service still has more importance for students looking for quality dissertation solutions.

  2. To write an effective literature review, follow these 4 steps:
    1. Identify your research objectives and focus on relevant literature.
    2. Conduct a comprehensive search using academic databases and reputable sources.
    3. Analyze and synthesize the gathered information to identify key themes and concepts.
    4. Present your findings in a clear, organized, and critically evaluative manner. If you need assistance in writing your literature review for an accounting assignment, consider seeking professional accounting assignment help services.

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