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Steven Rindner On Mindfulness & Trail Running

Jun 18, 2024


Many turn to trail running to get into shape. It is a great way to lose fat and get toned. However, trail running has another magnificent side that gets overlooked most often as per Steven Rindner. Trail running comes with a solid meditative aspect. This type of running combines the joys of running with the serenity of nature. For this reason, trail running has become increasingly popular. But beyond the physical benefits, trail running offers a unique path to mindfulness. The rhythmic motion of running, the connection with nature, and the focus on staying steady on the path, make it a meditative practice.

Steven Rindner On the Intersection of Mindfulness and Trail Running

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present and engaged in the current moment. It allows you to be aware of your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Trail running naturally makes people practice mindfulness due to its demands and setting. Unlike running on a treadmill or a paved road, trail running requires constant attention to the terrain. This attention keeps runners in the present moment and sends them to a state of mindfulness.

Engaging the Senses

One of the first things you notice when you hit the trail is inner peace. The sound, the sight, and the smell of nature come together to greet you. It is like stepping into another world altogether. Trail running makes you engage your senses as you trudge through the uneven terrain.

The Rhythm of the Run

Running itself is meditative. The repetitive motion of your legs and the steady rhythm of your breath can create a state of flow. It calms your mind and makes you focus. Each step requires proper attention. This constant engagement keeps your mind from wandering and helps maintain a mindful state.

Practical Tips for Mindful Trail Running

Don’t just start running because everyone else is doing it. Your objective is not only to start but also to stick to the process. For this reason, you need a proper plan. Trail running is beneficial, but you need to maximize its beneficial aspects with strategy. 

Start with Intention

Before you begin your run, set an intention. Setting an intention helps guide your focus and reminds you to stay in the present throughout your run.

Focus on Your Breath

Use your breath to push you forward and purify you. Pay attention to the rhythm of your breathing and how it matches with your steps. If your mind starts to wander, gently bring your focus back to your breath.

Embrace the Challenges

When you encounter difficult terrain or fatigue, acknowledge it without judgment.  Embracing challenges can turn obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Trail running offers a unique opportunity to combine physical exercise with mindfulness as per Steven Rindner. You need to engage your senses, embrace the challenges, and connect with nature for greater benefits. This way, you can transform your trail runs into meditative experiences. The next time you hit the trail, take a moment to set an intention, focus on your breath, and allow yourself to enjoy the beauty around you.

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