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Just-in-time watermarking is a method that can be used to protect premium sports streams from being pirated

Jun 30, 2022

 As streaming services grow increasingly important to the media and entertainment sector, there has been an increase in the amount of premium video content that is being downloaded illegally over the internet. Criminals release premium content such as movies, television series, and sporting events in order to make money, putting the film and studio industries in danger in the process.


Before being made available to the public, the vast majority of content that has not yet been released must first go through several steps consisting of editing, reviewing, and localization, with the possibility of content leakage growing with each stage. It is conceivable for premium content to be illegally disseminated even after it has been given to the end user in order to make additional cash. This can happen either before or after the content has been supplied. 

Because of the significant risk that is associated with material, it is necessary to put in place robust content security measures. The majority of content providers use a security strategy that incorporates multiple layers and runs from beginning to end. Even when digital rights management DRM protected content is used for safe delivery, piracy can be deterred on the device used by the end user through the deployment of solutions such as forensic watermarking and anti-capture technologies. 

The demand for sports-related content is at an all-time high that has never been seen before in the history of the planet. Due to the fact that sport broadcasts are now a significant source of money for broadcasters, these broadcasts have also become a primary target for pirates. On the other hand, when there is a real possibility of someone's life being at stake, sporting events take on a whole new level of importance. As a result, putting a stop to the transmission of unauthorised live streams is of the utmost importance. The pirates are also removing the logo of the broadcaster, which was originally included in the feed. Even if the information has been obscured in some way, the original source needs to be tracked down with the use of a distinctive watermark. The content that violates intellectual property rights must be discovered and removed from studios as fast as possible. 

The solution to this problem is just-in-time video watermarking. In this scenario, the watermark can be added to the content while it is still in the process of being generated. This allows live content broadcasters ensure that any illegal conduct is promptly detected, and the source of the leakage can be determined within one to two minutes of the leak taking place. In addition, operators and broadcasters have the option of embedding the watermark with the assistance of a just-in-time packager. Because of this, the encoder that they use can remain same, and there will be no additional costs associated with the CDN for storage. 

If you are a content producer, selecting this alternative provides you with the best of both worlds: rapid detection in addition to the advantages of head end-based watermarking strategies. In addition, this can be used in conjunction with a powerful anti-piracy service to safeguard content, money, and broadcasting rights.

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