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Bongs 101: How to choose and use the best

Dec 1, 2023

Dan did n’t know how to use a water pipe, so he tried to mimic what he'd seen everyone doing differently. Still, right after using the lighter Dan accidentally exhaled, and water came gushing out the coliseum. On his alternate pass, he was so determined to only gobble, he sorrowfully took a megahit that was 5x larger than his lungs could handle. 

 Over 182 million people use cannabis worldwide, yet unfortunately, not all of them know how to use water pipes. Exhaling at the wrong time, gobbling too much, or having the wrong water situations can be a form of disaster. 


 Still, when you know how to use a water bong correctly, it can be a game- changing experience. The bank is smoother, everything tastes better, and it’s an each- around fun time! Read on to learn everything you need to know about using a water pipe. 

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 How to Use a Water Pipe 

 The first thing you need to know about how to use a water pipe is where the coliseum’s located. Looking at a water pipe, you ’ll notice that towards the base, there’s a coliseum with a stem attached to it. 


 The coliseum is the area where you ’ll be putting your cannabis. After filling your water pipe up with the right quantum of water, you ’ll fill the coliseum with cannabis, you ’ll slide the stem of the coliseum back into the bong. 


 Next, you ’ll place your mouth over the top of the water pipe, or the prophet. While holding the bong with one hand, you ’ll use the other hand to put a lighter up to the coliseum. 


 Lighting the Bowl 

 To avoid wasting any of your marijuana, you ’ll only need to hold the lighter over the coliseum for a quick moment. Once the marijuana shows it’s burning, you can sluggishly gobble, filling the tube up with a bank. 


 Now, you ’re ready to gently lift the coliseum up and down from the bong. Once you have the coliseum out of the bong, sluggishly gobble the bank from the tube. 


 Avoid Banal Bank 

 While you do n’t need to rush, it’s stylish to not delay too long to gobble, else, the bank will come banal in the tube of the water pipe. Inhale as long as you feel comfortable, you do n’t have to clear all of the bank out of the water bong. 


 Prepare Your Space 

 Watching a new piece shatter on the bottom is one of the quickest ways to ruin any smoking session. Then are a many ways to help help your bongs from breaking 


  •  Clear the table off fully 

  •  Make sure the table’s steady 

  •  Have everything you need near 

 hourly, a water pipe will break because someone accidentally knocks it over, while trying to snare a commodity differently. To avoid this script from getting your reality, go ahead and fully clear off the face the pipe will be on. 


 How important Water You Need 

 Before you try to take your first megahit, you should be positive you have the right quantum of water in your pipe. Then’s how to make sure you have the right water situations 


  •  Submerge every percolator in water 

  •  Cover each chamber completely with water 

  •  Test out by gobbling without any bank 

 When water pipes have too much water, the stoner can accidentally stink it up through the pipe’s tube. Still, if you have water situations that are too low, also you wo n’t get the smooth smoking experience your pipes are capable of furnishing. To get the right quantum of water in your water pipe, make sure the water position covers all of the different percolator openings. 


 Stylish Ways to Get Water in Pipe 

 still, that just has a downstream and tube, the water stuffing process is ice, If you have a simple water bong. All you ’ll need to do is pour water through the opening at the top( the prophet). Pour water in through the prophet until the downstream is fully aquatic. 


 still, you can still pour in the water through the prophet, If your water pipe has percolators or chambers. Since the idea is to submerge each of the percolators in water, pouring in the water through the prophet, allowing the water to flow down to each chamber and perculator on the bottom.However, try gently tipping your water pipe sideways, If the water seems to get stuck in the percolator or chamber area. 

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 Use Your Ice Pinch 

 One of the stylish corridors about learning how to use a water pipe is discovering ways to enhance the smoking experience indeedmore.However, make sure you take full advantage of it, If your water bong has an ice pinch point. 


 Putting ice in your bongs will make the bank indeed smoother when you ’re gobbling it. On top of filtering the bank through the water, the ice will also cool it before it ever enters your mouth. 


 To get the full use of your ice pinch, fill the tube part of the bong up with ice as high as you can, without the ice poking out over the top. When you put your mouth on the water bong, you should n’t feel the ice cells touching your lips, if you do, take a lot out. 


 Eventually, be apprehensive that since the ice will ultimately melt, you ’ll need to cover your water situations. Once the ice starts to slim down, pour out a little bit of water from the stem until the water situations look like they did before you began. 


 Enjoy Your Time 

 Learning how to use a water pipe is an instigative experience. Now that you know how your water bong workshop works, do n’t be deterred from putting it to good use. All you have to do is prepare your space, get your water situations right, snare a lighter, and enjoy your time!

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