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What To Do When You Miss Your Spirit Flight

May 18, 2023

It is usual for a flight to be missed owing to unforeseen reasons such as bad weather or death. If you recently missed a Spirit flight, we recommend reviewing Spirit's Missed Flight Policy. Missing a Spirit Airlines flight is not a cause for panic because you can request a refund. Let us begin by acknowledging all pertinent components of the situation. When passengers miss a flight for any reason, Spirit Airlines either allows them to stand by or provides full refunds. 

You may fly to another rescheduled flight if you arrive at the airport within two hours of your flight and still miss it. In this scenario, you may also request a refund. Because Spirit Airlines does not provide refundable tickets, you must determine whether you are entitled to refunds or credits. To obtain immediate help with Spirit's missing flight policy, read the following thread or contact a live person by dialling Spirit Customer Service Number. 

Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy

When you miss a Spirit flight for legitimate reasons, the airline automatically reschedules the next departure. If you do not wish to fly on another Spirit flight, you may request a refund solely on refundable fares. Check out the information below to learn more about Spirit's missing flight policy. 

  • Missing a Spirit non-refundable flight means there will be no modifications, refunds, or rescheduling. 

  • When you rebook another flight at the given period, Spirit Airlines may charge you $200 plus the fare difference. 

  • If you miss a Spirit flight due to inclement weather, the airline will rebook you on another flight at no extra charge. 

  • You will be eligible for travel vouchers if you miss an unused standard Spirit Airlines flight. 

  • Refunds on no-policy flight tickets are not permitted by Spirit Airlines. In this case, you should contact the airline for further assistance. 

Do you still want to learn more about Spirit's missing flight policy? If so, call the Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number and speak with a live executive. They are working around the clock to get you help right away. 

What Happens If I Don't Make My Spirit Flight?

You should be aware of the ramifications of Spirit Airlines if you miss a Spirit flight, it is preferable to rebook on the same day. Check out the following information to find out what happened to the missing Spirit flights. 

  • Spirit Airlines allows you to stand by if you miss a flight and arrive at the airport within two hours of the scheduled departure time. 

  • If you fail to appear for the missed flight, you must pay Spirit Airlines' no-show fee. 

  • If you miss a connecting flight, it is recommended that you reschedule with a new PNR number. 

Is there a fee if you miss a flight with Spirit? 

A missed flight with Spirit might cost up to $200. You only have to pay for missing flights if you are the cause of the delay. However, if you miss a Spirit flight due to valid reasons such as severe weather or death, Spirit will immediately arrange for a replacement flight at no cost to you. If you have any further questions about Spirit missing flight costs, please check the official website or call the Spirit Customer Service Number.

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