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The Future Of Property In Romford—What To Expect

Apr 14, 2023

Romford is a thriving town in the East of London which has seen significant growth in recent years. As such, the property landscape in Romford is constantly changing and evolving, with new developments being built all the time. This article will explore the future of property in Romford, looking at what to expect regarding trends, development, and investment opportunities.

Development Projects: Upcoming Plans

With an increasing demand for property in the area, several upcoming plans will shape the future of Romford. One such project is the proposed redevelopment of The Brewery shopping center, which has been a popular fixture in Romford for over 20 years. The plans include transforming it into a modern, mixed-use development featuring new retail spaces, offices, leisure facilities, and approximately 1,000 homes. Another is Beam Park - a joint venture between Countryside Properties and L&Q housing association.

Transport Links: Crossrail, Train Stations

Transport links are an important aspect of property development in any area. Estate agents promise to transform the face of the town through their several transport projects, which are in the pipeline. These projects include Crossrail's Elizabeth Line, providing faster and more convenient access to central London. Furthermore, a new station is expected to be built on the former Romford Ice Rink site as part of a significant regeneration project. 

Impact On Prices

As demand for housing continues to increase, prices will likely rise. This could be due to several factors, such as limited supply, increased demand from buyers and investors alike, and changes to government policies. One factor that may impact property prices in Romford is the ongoing regeneration of the town centre. With new retail and leisure facilities planned, as well as a significant investment in transport infrastructure, including Crossrail 2, this could attract more people to the area and drive up demand for housing. 

Improvement Projects: Benefits For Locals

Improvement projects can benefit local communities, enhancing their quality of life. The improvement projects of estate agents in Romford can boost property values and attract new investment. This can lead to more job opportunities and increased demand for housing and other amenities, which can knock on local businesses and services.

Investing In Romford: Potential Returns

Investing in property in Romford offers exciting prospects for the future. The town is expected to continue overgrowing with plans for new developments such as the Crossrail project set to increase demand for housing. Additionally, Romford's council has outlined ambitious plans to improve infrastructure and public spaces to enhance the desirability of living in this area. As the demand for affordable housing continues to rise across London due to a supply shortage, Romford presents an opportunity for investors seeking high yields.


The future of property in Romford is one of growth and potential. This is evidenced by the increasing demand for housing, the commitment to developing existing infrastructure, and the efforts to attract new businesses and residents. 

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