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Troubleshooting Moves to Fix Your Wavlink Router’s Connectivity Issues

Mar 30, 2023


Here in this post, you will be exploring seven easy steps to fix your router errors. You can also use these basic troubleshooting steps if you face an issue in executing the Wavlink router setup.

Let’s start this process!

Restart Your Wavlink Router 

This is the most basic step that you can do while encountering an issue with your home’s connectivity. Most of the connectivity and speed problems with Wavlink routers will be solved with this troubleshooting move only. You simply need to switch off and unplug your Wavlink router and then plug it in and switch it on again after waiting for 2-5 minutes. This move will most likely fix the issue. However, in case the issue persists, try this move multiple times or go with other troubleshooting options we have shared below with you.

Adjust The Placement Of Your Router 

Routers usually do not function optimally when installed in the basement or the most disconnected part of your home. Sometimes, it also stops functioning well when other electronic devices that send and receive radio waves are close to your router. Try adjusting the location of your Wavlink router and place it in the most connected and elevated part of your home where you believe that the network is great. 

The connectivity and speed issues may go away right after executing this troubleshooting move perfectly. In case, it doesn’t work for you, consider other moves.

Change The Router’s Frequency Band 

Wavlink routers transmit the signals on two frequency bands including 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Generally, people use the internet on a 2.4GHz frequency band to operate speakers, CCTV cameras, and other smart home devices. The 5GHz frequency band is used for Smart TVs and Gaming consoles. In case you notice buffering while operating your Smart TV, check if your Wavlink router is set on a 5GHz frequency band. If not so, set it up right away to get a better connection and speed instantly.  

Similarly, if the router is set up already on the 5GHz band, switch it to the 2.4GHz band. You might get a smooth and uninterrupted connection the very next second. Head over to to learn a step-by-step process for switching your router’s frequency band.

Get A WiFi Range Extender 

A WiFi range extender extends the network range of the router and fixes many issues that you usually face with your WiFi systems such as low speed, limited network range, and poor network stability. It is a great option to get a WiFi range extender for your home. Wavlink provides both routers and range extenders. You can get a Wavlink extender if you are fine with the quality they provide or simply choose the option that you trust the most.

To extend your WiFi system, execute the Wavlink router login along with the extender login and setup. It won’t take much time. Check out the quick installation guide to complete the process accurately. Once you complete the setup process, you can notice the clear difference between the current performance of your WiFi system and the previous one. 

Upgrade Your Wavlink Router’s Firmware

Firmware is like an operating system for a router. You should always update it with the latest version. Older versions of firmware will certainly cause frequent interruptions in your home’s connectivity. 

If you are using a combined unit of modem and router at your home, your Internet Service Provider ISP itself updates it. However, in case you use a separate router at your home, you need to check if the firmware of your router is the latest. If not, an immediate upgrade is required to improve your WiFi system connectivity. Along with this, change the Wavlink router password to increase the security of your home’s WiFi system.

Additional Steps To Try Out

The troubleshooting moves we have discussed with you will most likely work for you and fix all your connectivity issues. However, in case you are unable to rescue your weak internet connection, you can give the following additional troubleshooting moves. 

Replace The Router With a New One 

If it’s been so long since you are using your current router, the issue is possible with your router. Contact your ISP and get a new router for your home. The speed, range, and performance all will improve incredibly.

Switch To Another ISP

If the problem you are encountering with your router is prevalent and you frequently face it, consider switching to another reliable ISP. Wavlink could be the right pick for you. 

That’s all from our side for now. Visit for more information and learn tips to troubleshoot your router faster.

How We Can Help You?

We hope after reading this post you can easily boost your Wavlink router. In the other case, if you face any issue then discuss it with our technical team and we will also help in Wavlink extender setup.

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