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Denver Attractions for families

Feb 27, 2023


Denver, also known as the Mile High Town, is indeed the state capital as well as Colorado's greatest populated metropolitan. It has over 200 parks with breathtaking views of the mountains and bodies of water that surround it. Denver, as one of the best places to live in the country (in fact, the best in 2016), has plenty of surprises and exciting attractions in store for your family. If you're planning a family vacation to Denver, here are some fun things to do with kids.

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1. City Park

City Park is one of the first parks to open in Denver after residents clamoured for green spaces in what used to be a dry and rusty city in the 1870s. City Park is one of the most popular of Denver's hundred parks. It's also close to popular Denver attractions like the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science. Paddle around the lake, watch the birds, visit the restaurants and shops, or attend one of the park's events or festivals. City Park is free and accessible to everyone, and visitors of all ages are welcome.


2. Denver Zoo


It all started in 1896 with an orphaned black bear. The mayor of Denver received one as a gift and gave it to the keeper of City Park, who founded the zoo. The Denver Zoo is the first in the United States to replicate natural habitats for animals in zoos rather than cages. At the Denver Zoo, over 3,000 animals await your family, some of which can be up close.


Llamas, giraffes, reptiles, sloths, birds, camels, and even porcupines can befriend. The Denver Zoo is home to over 500 species from around the world, which are in many exhibits spread across the zoo's 80 acres. Check out their calendar for special events and programmes happening today, this weekend, or next month.


3. Denver Museum of Nature & Science


The Denver Museum of Nature & Science began in 1868 with a single person named Edwin Carter, who had a passion for scientific study of the Rocky Mountain birds and mammals. Kids will especially enjoy the Discovery Zone at the museum, where they can participate in hands-on activities and games like scavenger hunts, archaeological sandpits, and moving water features. At the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, children of all ages can learn about the sciences and natural history.

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4. Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park


The Elitch couple transformed their farm into a zoological park and garden when Denver was only 30 years old. The area has since become a theatre, a ballroom, and the first amusement park for kids. If you have a thrill-seeking family, Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park is one of the top family activities you should consider. Guests of all ages can enjoy a day at the historic Elitch Gardens' theme park and water park.


5. Confluence Park


The Confluence Park is the site of one of Denver's first towns, dating back to the 1850s. Confluence Park offers views of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek, as well as a variety of family activities. Hike or bike along the creek and river trails, or go fishing on the South Platte.


Watch kayakers and tubers in the water, sunbathe on the river's beach, skate in their skate park, or, best of all, swim in the shallows. The Confluence Park is open to the public, so people of all ages can enjoy cheap family fun and free activities in Denver.


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