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What Do NYC Bus And Subway Accidents Law Say About Slip & Fall?

Dec 27, 2022

You live in New York and you get onto a New York bus or subway and arrive at your destination safely. However, accidents can happen anytime and you might not reach your designation using the same route and transport. Perhaps you sustain some injury as you fall off the bus and break your ankle because the surface of the subway was too slippery. What happens next? Who is taking the blame for these mishaps? Find out what you can do if these things happen to you in the future.

You sustain an injury while using public transport

If you sustain any injury while using New York's public transportation, you may have to bear the cost of the pain and suffering. As a result, you will also face a loss of income, medical expenses, and more. The financial loss quickly becomes a huge burden for one to bear, and if you know who is to blame for this get legal help from a personal injury lawyer Queens. Before you blame anyone for your current condition verify whether you were injured at a bus station or on a bus, or the subway platform.

Who is to blame for your injuries?

The organization in charge of New York's subways is called the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). It is even stated in their goal statement: "The MTA provides cost-effective safe, on-time, dependable and clean transportation services to protect and enhance the quality of life and economic health of the region we serve." The MTA will eventually be held liable for any slips, trips, or falls on any New York subway if "safe" or "clean" services are not provided as agreed by the NYC bus & subway accidents law attorney. 

If accidents occur on the New York public bus 

An NYC bus & subway accidents law attorney says numerous parties may be at blame if your accident happened on a city bus rather than the New York subway. The bus driver, the bus business, the bus manufacturer, and the transportation authorities in charge of particular routes or buses are some examples of these parties. The Port Authority, City Hall Metro Station, and New York State Metro Transit are a few of the New York firms that offer these services. Similar to the MTA, each of these organizations has a mission statement that holds them accountable for any failure to offer safe and secure services.

The statute of limitation on a subway injury claim  

When the accused is not a government firm, the statute of limitations for paneling a lawsuit is three years, if you miss the chance the NYC bus & subway accidents law attorney cannot help you. However, it is not the case with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the firm controlling the New York public bus and subway system, is the New York City Transit Authority. If you would like to file a claim against the MTA, you had better be quick because the deadline period is very short around 90 days. You cannot proceed with your case if you somehow fail to file the notice of Claim within the given period.

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