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Benefits of the integrated e-commerce and dealer portal for Epicor P21

Nov 30, 2022

Epicor P21 ERP integration with E-commerce systems plays a crucial role in streamlining and growing business operations. 


Especially designed eCommerce for Epicor (Prophet) P21 helps in boosting sales by facilitating easy exchange and collection of data. 


Following are the benefits of e-commerce for Epicor (Prophet) P21


Benefits of the integrated e-commerce and dealer portal for Epicor P21


1. Helps in saving time and reduces manual effort- E-commerce with Epicor P21 helps in the easy exchange and integration of data which eliminates the need to manage different systems manually. This automatic exchange of information minimises human error. An efficient two-way flow of information helps the operating team and various other departments in saving time and energy resources. 


2. Helps in streamlining business operations- E-commerce systems with Epicor P21 play a pivotal role in seamless data exchange among various departments. For example, sales order information that gets automatically imported from the websites to the ERP systems can be used by the marketing team to make better strategic decisions for boosting sales to grow business. 


3. Helps in improving the customer experience-Customers can view their order history, invoices, order status and other details that are automatically synced from the ERP systems, enhancing their buying experience. E-commerce systems will automatically extract the information-name, address, and contact number of the returning customers from the ERP Systems leading to easy checkout.


4. Assists in keeping the information up-to-date and facilitates its access 24/7- Product information, inventory and shipping details are automatically transferred from the ERP systems to the websites. This reduces the hassle of manually maintaining product-related information in the various systems separately. Changes in product pricing or changes made to the inventory are reflected in real-time on the websites and can be easily accessed by the customers.


5. Assists in accelerating the order fulfilment process- Orders placed by customers are directly entered into the P21 for the fulfilment, without any human intervention. The orders can be fulfilled easily, accurately and quickly with this automated process which enhances customer satisfaction.


The Dealer Hub for Epicor P21 can foster seamless communication between a business and the dealers. Dealer Hub can streamline the business workflow and has the following benefits-


 1. Eases the drop-shipping/ order fulfilment process- A dealer portal with Epicor P21 makes it easier for the dealer to track the order status if the dealer relies on the supplier for direct order fulfilment to the end customer. All the orders from a dealer are sent directly to the dealer portal with Epicor P21 which streamlines the drop-shipping process.


2. Helps the dealer to easily access the product information in real-time-

The dealer can access the product information, inventory, pricing and shipping details on their own from the portal and don’t have to manually enquire about the details from the sales time every time. This automated data synchronisation eases the burden of both parties involved.


3. Enabling self-service - The dealers can access the purchase orders, invoices and other necessary documents from the dashboard at any time. This eliminates the need for human interaction and hence helps in saving precious resources. 24X7 information access enhances vendor- satisfaction. The dealer portal acts as a platform for efficient information exchange and communication between the supplier and the dealer.







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