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Some of the best Swedish films on Netflix

Aug 24, 2022


Swedish industry is relatively smaller than the other, but they are worth watching. With their intense storyline and accurate filming technique, they are liked globally. Swedish classic films are the pioneer in the film industry. Recently they have grabbed the international fan following due to its biggest hits on OTT platforms like Netflix.


Here are some of the best Swedish movies you can watch on Netflix. So, get some popcorn and get ready for the filmy ride!


Athlete A

This groundbreaking documentary follows the USA Olympics sexual assault case that stood out in the headlines in 2015. Through interviews with Olympians, their families, and analytical reporters, it's likewise a documentary on the general culture of physical assault in gymnastics: sexual, physical, and emotional.


In one scene from the 1996 Olympics, gold medalist Kerri Strug needs to run, vault, and land - all with an extreme foot injury concealed by her mentors. She does this two times, limping between attempts and crawling off the mat on the second, crying. In the meantime, her family, her mentors, the observers - the World - is celebrating. When she’s carried off, Larry Nassar, the pedophile center of the documentary, carries her.


Athlete A is pivotal precisely because it outlines that the issue isn't just with one doctor or the 54 coaches who were also viewed as legitimate fault for sexual harassment or the ethically bankrupt initiative of USA Gymnastics.



A gritty and realistic spine-chiller movie is set in France's famous capital city of crime - Marseille. Zachary is set free from Juvenile jail to discover that his mom has abandoned him. He finds a connection with an underage sex worker named Shéhérazade. This seems like the set-up for an intense watch. However, Shéhérazade plays like a romance when it’s slow and a crime thriller when it’s fast.


Everything about the story and the two leads' relationship sounds accurate. Added to how it cares very little about sincerely controlling you, the film is more grasping and provocative than sad and miserable. An incredible story, phenomenal acting from the cast of newbies, and exceptional direction suggest that Shéhérazade is bound to become a modern classic.


A Sun

In The Sun, a family of four deals with many misfortunes, starting with the younger son A-ho's unexpected detainment. The mother is sympathetic; however, the dad all but shuns him as he chooses to throw all his affection to A-hao, the more older brother, and his medical school pursuits instead.


The themes of crime, punishment, family, and reclamation are then explored in gorgeous frames and mesmerizing colors, with director Chung Mong-hong as the film's cinematographer. Regardless of itself, The Sun never falls into the cliche melodrama domain.


Its themes are undercut by naturalistic acting and beautiful shots, bringing about a profoundly emotional but balanced film. Wealthy in significance and magnificence, The Sun will remain with you long after your first watch.


So in recent times, there are plenty of good crime drama shows, comedies, thrillers, or movies of any genre from Sweden, many of which can all be found on Netflix.

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