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What are the Best holiday Spots in Medellin

Jul 7, 2022

Famous as the City of the Eternal Spring, the city of Medellin knows how to reinvent itself. From Pablo Escobar to the current haven of digital nomads, this city houses much more to do here. Visit Medellin to see the sights made famous by Netflix's "Narcos." In addition, you can learn the holistic history of the city by visiting its museums, like the Museo Casa de la Memoria and the very famous Museo Antioquia.

Above all, there are graffiti walls of Comuna 13 to visit or grasp the riding via the Metrocable. Stroll its beautiful gardens and attend its flower parade. People love to stay out all night dancing salsa or clubbing in Poblado. Not only this, you can ground yourself in Barefoot Park, and paraglide high above the streets filled with tropical fruit vendors. 

Know here what are the best places to visit in Medellin with Spirit Airlines Flight Booking

Bless Yourself at Plaza Botero

Medellin houses 23 plump bronze statues of Fernando Botero spread throughout Botero Plaza. This site is said to bring luck and love to all who rub them which is known as the "Botero legend." This site has been named after Botero, who was a famous painter and sculptor from Medellin.

He developed Boterismo, a style of art combining neo-renaissance, with figurative, and contemporary elements, resulting in bulbous people and animals. A lot of people visit this plaza to adore the work of Botero who sculpted and donated all of the plaza's statues. 

Dance Salsa

Dance salsa is a famous thing to do in Medellin. People of every level of a dancer in Medellin enjoy dancing from beginner to pro. There are venues ranging from salsa nights in bars like Son Havana and El Eslabon Prendido (some even with live bands).

In addition, there are some formal dance schools like Dance Free in Poblado. Find informal dance meetups in city parks. You can also pay for a few classes at DanceFree, as you’ll progress much quicker during your stay. Spirit Airlines Reservations to visit the Medellin and learn some dance steps which are popular culture here!

Study Colombian History at the Museo Casa de la Memoria

This city has a solemn, educational memorial on the wars, armed conflicts, and other violence in Colombia, at the Museo Casa de la Memoria. This museum serves to document the stories of victims while educating visitors on the past and ongoing violence in the country. Book a Flight on Spirit Airlines to rush to Medellin to know the history of the city!

See Art at the Antioquia Museum

The Museo de Antioquia in Medellin is a famous place that displays Pre-Colombian, colonial, and modern art and creates art by collaborating with resident artists. Adore the permanent collection includes many clay pieces from the region! You can look up some fine arts from famous artists also!

There is lot to do in the city of Medellin, just add Spirit Airlines Manage My Booking in your tickets!


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