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Cosmetic Injectable Courses: Get Your Certificate Here!

Jul 17, 2022

If you want to learn more about cosmetics, you can enhance your learning by enrolling cosmetic nurse course.

What does the course mean?

The cosmetic nurse course is a nationally accredited qualification providing nurses with hands-on practical skills and knowledge required to work in cosmetic medical practice. The course teaches nurses to perform a range of the following:


       dermal therapies

       cosmetic injectable procedures

       cosmetic nursing duties

Cosmetic courses offered

Here are the cosmetic courses offered:


1.      Cosmetic courses for nurses

2.      Cosmetic courses for doctors

3.      Cosmetic courses for dentists

4.      Cosmetic courses for other


These are the offered courses available for these professionals to extend their learnings and gain extra skills and profession. If you have the medical profession, yet want to learn more connected with your profession, then a cosmetic course might fit for you.


Cosmetic courses for nurses

Cosmetic courses designed for nurses are:


       Professional qualifications in cosmetic nursing

       Cosmetic injectable modules

       Platelet-rich plasma

       Advanced skin science



       CPD nurse

       PDO mono threads


Professional qualifications in cosmetic nursing course

The course teaches you about the fundamentals of cosmetic injectables. The course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to identify the right treatments for clients looking for facial aesthetic injectable treatments and performing the treatment. The aim is to guarantee clinicians do aesthetic treatments in an ethical and informed manner.

Cosmetic injectable modules

       2-Day foundation dermal filler, the course is just a 2-day foundation Neurotoxin injectable for those who want to move to aesthetic medicine. Participants or students are equipped with knowledge and skill to carry most requested treatments:

       anti-wrinkle neurotoxins for forehead

       frown and crow’s feet

       improved practical experience

       3-Day advanced neurotoxin and dermal filler, a course learning about advanced neurotoxin and dermal filler treatments for:

       on label treatments

       off label treatments

The course teaches you the skills and knowledge to perform a wide range of facial aesthetic treatments in advanced areas of treatment.

       Advanced neurotoxin. The course offers to learn about advanced neurotoxins for off-label and on-label treatments. 

       Advanced dermal filler cannula. The course teaches the knowledge and skills for cannula dermal filler treatments.

       Advanced dermal filler temple hollowing and tear through. The course will equip you with skills and knowledge for temporal hollowing treatments and tear troughs.

Advanced skin science

The course is designed for medical professionals, skin enthusiasts, and beauty therapists entering the cosmetic industry. It gives them skills and advanced understanding and knowledge for anti-aging treatments, including:


       Skin needling

       Medical-grade chemical peels and

       Primary facials


If you want to learn more and understand more about skin science, you can have the advanced course as your starting point to enter the cosmetic industry as a medical professional in the field. The profession can be easy if you are dedicated and have a passion for this field, and taking up these courses is a wise decision.

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