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Reasons to Start Using Yard Signs for Your Business

Jun 20, 2022

From newspaper advertisements to social media campaigns, the marketing options for your business are endless. However, not all tactics have been created equal. A few are more expensive than the others. There are others that will help you reach out to your target audience but it will force you spend more money than you should.

But there is a simple solution and that is yard signs printing. Here are the reasons why you should consider printing them for your business.

1.      Can Be Set Up Anywhere

Yard signs take up minimal space. All you have to do is push the spiked edge into the ground to promote your business or the product or services you offer.

With these signs, you can get your word out there. Particularly if you are offering seasonal services, such as Christmas cleaning services. To set them up, you need only minimum space in the yard. An additional benefit is, you can even set up the sign in your potential customer’s yard. Any potential customer will get to see the type of work you do.

2.      Targets Real Audience

You might be spending money on expensive social media campaigns or internet ads. However, even though the best web marketing plan ends up targeting a large percentage of people who might not otherwise become customers. For a small-scale business, it implies targeting customers who are not from your area.

Unless you are offering a product or service that is exclusive, customers might not travel the distance for something that they will find within the town. This is when custom yard signs proves to be useful.

The best way to target people close enough to your business, and away from the business is to print signs. Hence, you do not have to worry about wasting money on the ad.

3.      Grab the Attention of the Onlookers

A yard sign or magnetic sign can help in grabbing the attention of passers-by if you use the right design.  You can use PrintPapa’s design tool to create the right design. This is another reason why it is more effective than online businesses. Moreover, the text font and color on the sign can easily grab someone’s attention.

What’s more important is yard signs don’t come with much competition. You set them up at places where is not much saturation, unlike online businesses. Hence, there is a better and higher chance of people locating them and reading them.

4.      They are Affordable

There are different kind of local advertisement techniques but they usually come with a big price tag. From radio commercials or social media ads, no matter what you choose, your small marketing budget might disappear in no time and offer just a limited advertising source.

But yard sign or magnetic sign printing can help in reaching out to targeted and large audience base. Apart from having upfront costs, several forms of local ads need repeated investments to ensure they are effective.

Radio ads or TV need production costs, as well as paid time slots.

5.      Spreads Brand Awareness

You can use signs to spread brand awareness, particularly if the business has one location. When you set up signs all across your area of business, it can help in spreading brand awareness. But with this technique, more people will learn about your business or the products or services you offer.

Brand awareness is crucial, particularly for small-scale businesses. It is the first part of the marketing funnel and can help in acquiring a trusted customer. The signs your business put up can help in recalling and recognizing the brand repeatedly. So, your brand will always be on top of their mind whenever they are looking for products or services your offer. As people get to know the brand and recognize it, they become more comfortable with it.

6.      Offers Convincing Recommendations

Often, people assume that it is just the older customers, who respond better to custom yard signs. They believe that customers are more likely to turn to the internet when they are searching for something. This is especially the case with the younger generation. But the older generations hardly search for something over the internet. So, you can use the yard signs to reach out to the older generations and rope in some younger generation in the process.

You will also be surprised to know that millennial take word-of-mouth one of the most crucial influences in the decision-making process. That’s because, they too, are influenced if they find yard signs in the locality. Yard signs can be a recommendation for a product or service that you offer. It is one of the most effective ways to recommend your offerings to your customers.


Custom yard signs can help in promoting your business. They can create brand awareness and are available at the most affordable cost. Check out the benefits it offers.

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